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FrameSecure® Security Metal Frame Bottom Rail Supports

MSRP $2.49 - as low as $1.34 - FrameSecure® security kits can be used to replace bottom rail supports for TrackMaster® Metal Frame Picture Hangers to add greater stability and theft protection. If you are hanging picture frames in a public area, hotel, restaurant or office, FrameSecure® will reduce your liability and increase your security.

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If adjustability is not an issue and you don’t need the automatic leveling feature, you can use FrameSecure® on top rails without the TrackMaster® hanger part - Your measurements will have to be more precise if you don't use the slide adjustable metal picture frame hanger.  You will need to order two sets to hang each picture frame - one set for the top rail and another set for the bottom rail - if used without the TrackMaster® picture hanger.

  • FrameSecure Instructions
    How to use FrameSecure Metal Picture Frame accessory to replace TrackMaster Picture Hanger bottom rail supports.


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Reduce labor costs on commercial installations by 33% or more using TrackMaster® Picture Frame Hangers. Call for bulk prices to save on picture hanging parts.


Security Picture Frame Hanging Accessories for wood or metal picture frames are perfect for restaurants, hospitals, schools, office buildings and other public display areas. Stable and secure!


TrackMaster® Picture Frame Hangers have been used to install wood and metal framed mirrors, photographs and unique wall art all over the world. Simple, adjustable and perfectly straight - every time!