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Picture Frame Hanging Videos

In addition to instructions for TrackMaster® Picture Hangers on this web site, the following videos will help you see how to install picture frames.  Some of the videos are done by professional installers and some by our own customers.


Simple, Quick and Secure - Every Time!

Whether you are hanging wood or metal frames, TrackMaster® Picture Hangers provide you with the features you need to ensure straight and secure installations.

Wood picture frame hangers use an adapter that is fastened to the back of the top part of the frame.  The videos show how that adapter then sits on top of the picture hanger that is attached to the wall.

Metal picture hangers don’t need an adapter on the frame.  The universal channel on standard metal frames slip right onto the picture hanger that has been attached to the wall.

In all cases, the picture frame hangers are attached to the wall straight with the help of the built-in bubble level.  This reduces the need for special tools when hanging picture frames.

Click here for downloadable picture frame hanging instructions or see the product description page for each type of picture hanger for specific instructions.

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