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TrackMaster® Picture Hanging System customers send us feedback on our service and the value of their purchase of a TrackMaster® picture hanging system to secure and install beautiful groupings easily:

  • "Thanks so much for your quick response. I received the shipment this morning in excellent condition and was very surprised that it came so quickly." - Lynn from Sweetwater, TX
  • "We recently hung 120 frames at our hotel using your product. Everything went smoothly and fast! Thank you for helping us decide which hangers were best for our project." - George from San Diego
  • "Want to thank you for the extra effort you made in helping me get the hangers that I needed. Your customer service rep took the time to discuss what and where I was hanging pictures to help me select the best TrackMasters for the job. I'll be back!" - Carol T.
  • "What a great product! Makes hanging pictures a breeze. Thanks for the prompt service." - Barry from Denver
  • "I'm glad you have added the security devices for the metal frame hangers. I have used the latches for the wood frames for extra security and will use the new ones for metal frames in our office." - Russell
  • "My customers love TrackMaster® picture hangers. Anyone can hang a picture straight and keep it straight with TrackMaster®." - Steve from Orlando, FL
  • "With TrackMaster® I was able to create an attractive wall of family photos quickly and easily. I was so impressed that I bought TrackMaster® picture hangers for every framed piece of art and hanging mirror in my home." - Kathy from Albuquerque
  • "Tandra, Thank you so much for your help in resolving my picture hanging issues. A simple positive hanging system for yachts is lacking in the market today. I was able to adapt your system to meet my needs. Replacing the fasteners with stainless steel and using shorter bronze escutcheon pins at the bottom. You were most helpful." - David B. from Ft. Myers, FL
  • "Thank you for your prompt service. I needed the hangers next day and I received them on time. Tandra is a great customer service manager!" - Sue V. from Cleveland

On the House - A New Way to Hang Pictues - for AP Newsfeatures 

It’s always a kick when we discover a new device or technique that improves on the way we've been doing things. That’s just what happened when we recently visited the National Hardware Show in Chicago. We discovered a novel way to hang pictures with a device called the TrackMaster®. This innovative picture-hanging system not only makes wall-mounting framed graphics easier and less threatening, it also provides a security lock that makes removal difficult. And, the TrackMaster® is an earthquake-proof system as well. 

The manufacturer claims stability at up to eight points on the Richter scale, perhaps overkill, since such an earthquake would probably level most houses. Nonetheless, we feel there is much to be said for this new methodology. 

The TrackMaster® system doesn't use hooks, eyes, wires or any of the other items conventionally used for picture hanging. Instead, you get a kit that contains several pieces of high-impact plastic, a miniature level and mounting nails and screws. Best of all, no measuring is required. All you have to do is place the picture where you want it to be mounted and make a pencil line on the wall using the top of the frame as a guide. 

Next, the wall-mount bracket is installed about an inch below the pencil line with one nail that is driven into the wall through a hole in the center of the wall-mount bracket. This will hold the bracket in place and yet allow it to be pivoted. Two more nails are placed into the mounting bracket which is made to hold the remaining nails firmly in place until they are driven into the wall. 

At this point the level is snapped into the wall bracket. The level ensures that the bracket is perfectly straight. Once leveled, the bracket is held tightly against the wall and the last two nails are driven home. At this point a metal picture frame could be hung. For wooden frames, an adapter must be used. It is placed on the top of the back of the wood frame, about center, but not necessarily exact center, and two provided screws are used to install it. At this point, the wood frame is ready to be mounted. 

As mentioned, a security-earthquake connector is also available. With the wall-mount bracket complete and in place, the security lock can be added in less than five minutes. For wood-frame pictures, the lock consists of two pieces: one that mounts to the back of the frame and one that mounts to the wall. Installation is simple. First, the piece that mounts to the frame must be installed by using two small screws (provided). Next, the wall-mount portion of the security lock is snapped into place on the piece just mounted to the frame. 

With the security lock mounted in place, the picture is hung. While holding the frame in position, the fist is used to pound on the face of the frame at the point where the security lock is located. Two protrusions in the lock mark the wall where the wall-mount portion is to be attached — perfect registration for a quick and accurate installation. An awl is used to make holes for plastic screw anchors which are driven flush into the wallboard. Screws and anchors are provided. The wall-mount portion of the security lock is removed from its temporary mount on the picture frame and is screwed into place on the wall. 

The frame now can be securely attached to the wall. First, hang the picture onto the mounting track and slide it to the left of center about an inch or so. Next, slide the picture to the right until the security lock on the wall and frame interlock slightly. Finally, use your fist to gently force the interlock to snap into locked position. This routine performed in reverse is all that is needed to remove the picture. A person who doesn’t know the secret would find it difficult if not impossible to remove a TrackMaster-mounted picture from a wall. The security lock for metal frames is only one piece and its installation is even faster than the one used for wood frames. 

TrackMaster® has been in hotels and motels for about three years, and is now being made available to the general public through home-improvement centers. An entire mounting kit costs less than $5.

Article from The Bevelled Edge Magazine 

Trackmaster® frame hangers and security systems were introduced to the framing industry about ten years ago. Trackmaster hangers won considerable notoriety for their unshakable performance during the Northridge earthquake in January 1994. 


Originally designed to make hanging metal frames easier, the Trackmaster® hanger includes an integrated bubble level and a patented support track that locks the frame onto the hanger. The Trackmaster® is a unique picture hanger that solves problems associated with hanging pictures. No more guesswork at hanging pictures level or frames gapping away from the wall and no more wall studs needed for support. 

Trackmaster® Hanger 

Trackmaster® frame hangers can be nailed directly into virtually any wall surface. The bubble level ensures that pictures will be hung straight. The unique support track on the hanger allows for simple, level, side-to-side adjustment. Hangers are available in 5 and 8 inch sizes for both wooden and metal frames. 

Bottom Rail Accessories 

Frame positioning and nominal security are made simple by using Trackmaster® Bottom Rail Accessories. Bottom rail accessories support and immobilize the frames after positioning them on the hanger. 

Impact-Latch Security 

Trackmaster® Impact-Latch Security systems and adaptations for various zero-tolerance applications are available. Trackmaster® hangers can also be used with most commercially available frame security systems.

Thanks. I have been looking for TrackMaster® everywhere. It is a great product and I'm glad it is now available to buy online.

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