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Versatile Picture Hangers for Special Installations

Extra Large or Heavy Frames

TrackMaster® Picture Hangers are perfect for art with extra large or heavy frames.  Because the hangers are designed with side-to-side adjustability, it is possible to use more than one hanger per frame.  Some customers have hung artwork using as many as four hangers per frame!

Adding security accessories in place of the standard bottom rail supports also aids in securing large and heavy picture frames.  The secure fasteners are especially helpful when hanging art in public areas where theft and/or damage are concerns.

For even greater peace of mind, screws and standard plastic anchors can be used to attach the picture frame hanger to walls.

Why Aren't Wall Studs Needed?

The TrackMaster® picture hanging system was engineers with special features that increase load capacity so that frames can be installed straight into drywall.  These features include:

  1. Angled nail/screw holes
  2. surface area of the hanger
  3. nickle-coated nails which bond with drywall plaster
  4. bottom rail supports that prevent frame bowing and add support

No other picture hanging system offers the TrackMaster® combination of adjustability, ease of installation and security.

Special Protection Against Art Deterioration

When art is encased in glass, gases from the matting and framing materials can build-up and cause paint, inks and other media to deteriorate.  That is why TrackMaster® picture hangers provide a fraction of an inch relief from wall surfaces.  This allows gases to escape without affecting the security and presentation of picture frames.

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