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How To Hang a Metal Picture Frames with TrackMaster

When used with metal frames, nothing need be placed on the frame itself.  Both the large and small (standard) hangers integrate with the frame for straight and secure installations.

How To Hang Metal Picture Frames with TrackMaster

Download an Adobe Acrobat file with instructions for hanging metal frames using the sliding TrackMaster®.

Instructions for Metal Frame TrackMaster® Picture Hangers

How To Hang Metal Picture Frames with TrackMaster

The TrackMaster's® integral support track occupies the cross-sectional void of the frame's universal assembly channel 'locking' the frame onto the support-track of the TrackMaster®.

This feature insures the frame cannot be accidentally bumped off the TrackMaster® and serves to keep the frame straight and level. If the framed material becomes dislocated, it is a simple matter to slide the frame along its support-track to its original position. The TrackMaster® hanger stays where it's put!

How To Hang Metal Picture Frames with TrackMaster

In combination with the bottom rail supports, TrackMaster® is particularly useful in public buildings, offices and children's rooms. They provide extra security from earthquakes and sonic booms.

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Check out our new security kits for metal frames.  Kit include the FrameSecure® system for use as bottom rail supports for TrackMaster® standard and large metal frame hangers.  Security sets include both the FrameSecure® bottom rail supports and standard or large metal hangers (receive a discount when you buy the security set).

Cedar Marketing Group, Inc. sells TrackMaster picture hangers and quality accessories to make hanging frames simple, quick and secure.

Downloadable picture hanging instructions for wood or metal frames and security accessories.

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Picture Hanger video instructions How to videos for picture frame hangers.

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