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How To Hang a Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster

When used with wooden frames, TrackMaster® adapters are attached to the backs of the frames. They are centered on the frame's top member which creates an extension which fits onto the TrackMaster® hanger.  Large hangers are used for frames larger than 36" wide or over 50 lbs.  Small (standard) hangers can be used for all other frames.

How To Hang Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster

While hanging, the frame can be moved from side-to-side for proper positioning due to the patented TrackMaster slide adjustable system. As long as the wood frame adapter is in the slot the frame will be level.

Download an Adobe Acrobat file with Instructions for hanging wood frames using the sliding TrackMaster® and also our Impact-security Latch accessory.

Instructions For Wood Frame Installations

How To Hang Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster

Two sizes of of TrackMaster® Picture Hangers are available. The standard, 5" TrackMaster® Picture Hanger is designed for frames up to 36" / 50 lbs, while the large, 8" Picture Hanger is perfect for frames over this size.

TrackMaster® has developed its own "Impact-Latch" wooden-frame security system designed to take advantage of the TrackMaster® hangers' inherent design geometry. They are much simpler to install than other security systems and require no complicated measurements, eliminating that aggravation and insuring that the installer gets it right the first time!


How To Hang Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster

Attach the TrackMaster® Wood Frame Adapter to the top center of the frame with the supplied screws.

How To Hang Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster How To Hang Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster

Attach supports to the bottom corners of the frame. These are ideal for keeping frames straight in busy rooms, hallways, near doors, and in childrens' rooms.


How To Hang Wood Picture Frames with TrackMaster

Remove the snap-in bubble level and place the TrackMaster® Picture Hanger on the wall. Use the double-stick tape to prevent slipping once leveled. Tap in the center nail. Re-insert the bubble level, adjust the TrackMaster® Picture Hanger until level, and tap in the two outer nails.*


The wood frame adapter fits onto the TrackMaster® Picture Hanger. Adjust from side to side. Press the bottom corners of the frame toward the wall with the heels of your hands.

* For installation on concrete block, masonry walls, or for additional earthquake protection, two screws with wall anchors can be used instead of nails.

For Additional Child-Proofing or Theft Resistance Try TrackMaster® Security Impact Latches

TrackMaster's® patented Impact Latch literally locks your artwork to the wall for the ultimate in theft and child resistance. It was designed to be used with heavier wooden frames and requires no special tools for installing or removing a picture. The Impact Latch has two pieces, a lock and a key. Each frame requires two impact latch assemblies which are included in each secuity kit package.

You can also order security sets which include the Impact Latch and the large wood frame hanger (get a discount when you purchase the set)

Click to download complete Instructions.

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Downloadable picture hanging instructions for wood or metal frames and security accessories.

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